Croatian Shipbuilding Corporation, Zagreb (CSC) was established by the Croatian Government in 1994, as the corporative organization covering the coordination of the Croatian Shipbuilding Industry on the international shipbuilding market.
In 1997 CSC merged with Jadranbrod (Association Of Croatian Shipbuilding Industry, a coordination body, linking and associating shipyards and Croatian marine equipment manufacturers for nearly 50 years) into Croatian Shipbuilding Corporation – Jadranbrod.
The CSC is located in Zagreb and the main CSC’s tasks are to provide expert monitoring of the restructuring prosess and modernisation programe of Croatian shipyards: ULJANIK SHIPYARD, 3. MAJ SHIPYARD, BRODOTROGIR SHIPYARD, BRODOSPLIT SHIPYARD

Subject and scope of CSC – JADRANBROD activities are gradually adjusting to the needs of the shipyards. Among the priorities is to carry out obligations and commitments already determined by Croatian Government in respect of coordinating and monitoring of contracted shipbuilding programs.

Also, other significant activities are:

  • collecting and preparing of shipbuilding statistics (key financial and technical details),
  • preparing of official reports on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis,
  • coordination in the field of marketing and sale policies,
  • joint approach towards Croatian Authorities concerned.

Shipping and shipbuilding activities in Croatia have a very long tradition. Ever since ancient times our part of Adriatic sea was known for its ships and fleets. Most of our major shipyards were founded in mid nineteen and beginning of twentieth century as Austrian Naval Arsenals. They achieved impressive success in construction of warships, ranging from battleships and cruisers to submarines. In the course of years the shipyards turned to construction of merchant vessels.
Present production range of the Croatian Shipbuilders, members of CSC-Jadranbrod, consists of all kinds of Merchant ships up to 165.000 DWT, Floating docks and cranes, Special and Naval vessels.
Besides newbuilding activities, Shipyard Brodotrogir is involved in shiprepairing activities and Shipyard Viktor Lenac is involved in shiprepairing, conversions and reconstructions.

Croatian shipbuilding industry operates both on domestic and international market and export orientation is dominant feature.

Open world market policy of Croatian shipyards since the beginning of building of ships, has helped us to survive hard times and to keep high European level of quality and worldwide competitiveness. We attribute these achievements to highly skilled working force and strong design teams, ready to meet every demand by Shipowners and to produce high quality “tailor made” ships with innovative design, and features, unique performance and extraordinary service characteristics.

Croatian Shipbuilding Corporation-Jadranbrod is a member of SEA Europe (Ships and Marine equipment Association) since January 1st 2013; former member of CESA (Community of European Shipbuilding Associations) from May 16, 2002.

Introduction of the national shipbuilding industry

The shipbuilding sector is still one of the most important industrial sectors of the Republic of Croatia both by its share in last decade in employment (2% – 5%, with subcontructors up to 10%), by its GDP share (0,8% – 1,8%) and by exports (10% – 15%).

Due to the size and complexity of the construction of ships, a significant part of the Croatian industry, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, are, on the basis of sub-contracts and their operations, directly dependent on this sector of industry. This branch of industry represents a significant source of employment in Croatian’s regions in which major shipyards are situated (Istarska County, Primorsko-goranska County, Splitsko-dalmatinska County).

Actual privatization process, with the general task to restructure the Croatian Shipyards, should enable them to operate on international shipbuilding market efficiently and under market principles, all in accordance with existing EU rules and regulations.

Expected revival of the Croatian shipbuilding industry should largely contribute to regional and social stability, as well as to the national economy.

Production portfolio consists of different kind of newbuildings of various size(s), repair, conversion and offshore constructions.