Croatian Shipbuilding Corporation, Zagreb (CSC) was established by the Croatian Government in 1994, as the corporative organization covering the coordination of the Croatian Shipbuilding Industry on the international shipbuilding market.
In 1997 CSC merged with Jadranbrod (Association Of Croatian Shipbuilding Industry, a coordination body, linking and associating shipyards and Croatian marine equipment manufacturers for nearly 50 years) into Croatian Shipbuilding Corporation – Jadranbrod.

Introduction of the national shipbuilding industry

The shipbuilding sector is still one of the most important industrial sectors of the Republic of Croatia.

Due to the size and complexity of the construction of ships, a significant part of the Croatian industry, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, are, on the basis of sub-contracts and their operations, directly dependent on this sector of industry. This branch of industry represents a significant source of employment in Croatian’s regions in which major shipyards are situated (Istarska County, Primorsko-goranska County, Splitsko-dalmatinska County).

Production portfolio consists of different kind of newbuildings of various size(s), repair, conversion and offshore constructions.